The Minor Arcana, A Simple Way of Reading Tarot Utilizing Numerology

The minor arcana is similar to a typical deck of cards, containing 4 suits numbered 1-10 with suit cards, except tarot has 4 suit cards rather than 3. The suits in a typical deck (although in some specialty decks they will change the names of these but the meanings are still the same) are cups, pentacles, swords, and wands.
THE CUPS is the element of water. This suit pertains to emotions, creativity, intuition, and relationships.
THE PENTACLES is the element of earth. This suit pertains to material wealth, money, career, and manifestation.
THE SWORDS is the element of air. This suit pertains to communication, truth, intellect, and thoughts.
THE WANDS is the element of fire. This suit pertains to inspiration, energy, and enthusiasm.
Now, combine this with basic numerology and it is a quick way to read them in most cases.
ONE (ACES) New beginnings, opportunity, potential
TWO Balance, partnership, duality
THREE Creativity, groups, growth
FOUR Structure, stability, manifestation
FIVE Change, instability, conflict
SIX Communication, cooperation, harmony
SEVEN Reflection, assessment, knowledge
EIGHT Mastery, action, accomplishment
NINE Fruition, attainment, fulfillment
TEN Completion, end of a cycle, renewal
Now the Court Cards can be a little harder to read because they don't have numerical values. Instead, we need to look at the personalities associated with these cards.
KINGS are experienced and assertive, therefore symbolize control.
QUEENS are experienced and receptive, therefore symbolize understanding.
KNIGHTS are inexperienced and assertive, therefore symbolize action.
PAGES are inexperienced and receptive, therefore symbolize learning.
This list is not all encompassing and may not 100% hit all the meanings of each card, but this (along with interpreting the pictures) is a great start.

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