Manifest That Ish (censored) - Manifesting/ Wishes Candle

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(Zucker has censored my products, but please know that these are chock full of wonderful, beautiful fucking curse words!)

For bringing you all the shit your heart desires.

This candle's intention is to amplify your personal powers of manifestation to make shit happen. This powerful candle is scented with sandalwood, pink grapefruit, davana, and a couple others. Fun fact about davana, it is a special essential oil that is said to smell differently to every person. It has labradorite which is known as the magicians stone and the stone for the new moon, moonstone for enhancing your magic and the feminine and the stone for the full moon, quartz the universal stone, and rainbow hematite which aids in metaphysical pursuits.

Now make that shit happen. 😘

The Whimsical Witch cannot guarantee the outcome of any ritual or spell work done with the use of our products. Remember, it is you that has the power and your intention that makes it work, our candles serve as aids.

Please note that the dried herbs on top of these candles can catch on fire when the candle is lit for the first time. Please take caution of where and when you burn. Avoid burning near flammable items/areas. The Whimsical Witch is not responsible for the misuse of any candles. Please use responsibly and NEVER leave candles burning unattended. Especially with herbs that can catch fire. Never leave candles burning within reach of children and/or pets.