Voodoo Doll Incense Burner

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Who said you were too old to play with dolls?

These little incense burners are perfect for when you're needing to get out some pent up aggression and bring in some zen.  These work well with both the mini and full sized incense sticks.  

These dolls are handmade out of polymer clay with multiple spots to stab your incense in to.  They are available in male and female.  Actual incense burner may differ from one pictured, but a picture will be sent before shipping for approval.


Always burn insight within sight and on heat-proof surface.  Ash falling off incense sticks is typically cool to the touch, but caution should still be taking.  Polymer clay will withstand the indirect heat from the incense, but don't push the sticks in far enough where the lit incense would touch the sculpture.