Basic Witch Candle

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This candle is the one that all your fall loving, coffee shop frequenting friends wait for all year. (Who are you trying to kid, you wait for it, too)

This candle smells just like a pumpkin spice coffee drink and even has a whipped topping. Scented with classic pumpkin spice scents like cinnamon, clove, all spice, and nutmeg mixed with the wonderful aroma of the caffeinated elixir of the Gods. The whipped topping is made of wax and has sprinkles of pumpkin spice on top.

Please note that if you order the wax melt option, it will not have the whipped effect topping as this will not work in the clamshells.

Please take caution of where and when you burn. Avoid burning near flammable items/areas. The Whimsical Witch is not responsible for the misuse of any candles. Please use responsibly and NEVER leave candles burning unattended. Never leave candles burning within reach of children and/or pets.

Shipping disclaimer:
The Whimsical Witch does everything possible to ensure that the product you receive is in perfect condition. However, sometimes packages are mishandled or exposed to heat during shipment and the do not arrive in perfect condition.  The Whimsical Witch is not responsible for any damage to the candle once it is given to the delivery service.