Butterscotch Beer Candle | Wizard Drink Candle

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Enjoy the sweet aroma of your favorite wizardy drink no matter where you are with this candle. It is scented with butterscotch and vanilla and even is whipped at the top to look like foam.

Please take caution of where and when you burn. Avoid burning near flammable items/areas. The Whimsical Witch is not responsible for the misuse of any candles. Please use responsibly and NEVER leave candles burning unattended. Never leave candles burning within reach of children and/or pets.

Shipping disclaimer:
The Whimsical Witch does everything possible to ensure that the product you receive is in perfect condition. However, sometimes packages are mishandled or exposed to heat during shipment and the crystals or charms may become loose. This is easily fixed though, by simply lighting the candle! The melted wax will adhere the charms and crystals back in to place or they can stay out and be enjoyed as an added perk of the candle!